Anthony. God Bless you. My thoughts and prayers are with you that God bless you with better health so you can continue to do God’s work and bring souls to Jesus. You are a true blessing. Happy to hear that Father Anthony will be back with us soon. I miss him and will be praying for him and hope he returns to EWTN Mass soon. However, we all miss Fr. Fr. And a gathering of strength for the coming storm. We need YOU. I will pray for him that he finds healing. Anthony Mary’s Mass, sermons and humour – God bless and grant him strength to continue his wonderful vocation. I will do more penance so God will heal you. May you feel God’s presence and love, and may He grant you full recovery. can be good medicine. Thank you so much for your daily blessings. I am housebound and the EWTN services provide me that blessing. I was wondering why I haven’t seen for months glad to hear he’s doing much better, Father Anthony we all miss you we love the other Fathers too but also you God be with all of you. Anthony was born at Salent in the Diocese of Vich in Catalonia, Spain, in the year in which Napoleon invaded Spain. You can be assured that you have my prayers and penances every day for your full recovery , and I do pray for the consolation of you and your dear family on the loss of your beloved sister. Will include him and all the brothers in our prayers. My wife Siony has asked me what happened to Farther Anthony. Mitch Pacwa, the Catholic priest who took over Mother Angelica's live TV show on EWTN Global Catholic Network when she retired in 2001 due to … Irondale, AL 35210. May God continue to keep you alive and strong for us. Dear Fr. the heart and the mind want to do so much but the body says no,,.and at the most inconvenient time but I have learned it is a wonderful time to draw closer to Jesus. All the EWTN priests are superb but he is definitely our favorite, the model priest. Father Anthony Mary was somber, shocked, and in disbelief… “Please pray for Father Francis Mary of EWTN, who is re-thinking his Vocation as a Priest, for Our Lord to pour down upon him now, and all involved, His unfathomable love and mercy. Hope to see you soon in EWTN daily masses. I miss Father Anthony on EWTN. I miss his inspiring homilies. I am so grateful for EWTN! We love you our beloved Father. To me you come second after Father Mitch Pacwa in preaching. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO HEAL AND BLESS YOU ALWAYS❣ As many of you know, Father has a chronic health condition (not terminal), which means he wrestles with serious bouts of fatigue and has had to … Leo and Br Bernard s 25th. ♥. God bless us all. Hope to see Father Anthony back soon. Very sorry to hear about your illness. Please leave my message to Father Anthony online. The Franciscan Missionary Priests through the Seraphic Mass Association will be celebrating these Masses for you, daily and into eternity. Join Facebook to connect with Fr Anthony Mary and others you may know. Leonard was. Praying for you Father Anthony. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling poorly. I wish that your name would be included in the Mass intentions. i will pray for his speedy recovery and also pray that he can whip us all back into continued spiritual understanding with his wit. Photos and prayer cards on a table at the Solemn Requiem Mass for Father Alfred Kunz held March 3, 2018 at St. Mary of Pine Bluff Catholic Church … I’m praying to our Heavenly Father and to our beloved Lord Jesus Christ as well as to our Blessed Virgin Mary for your rapid recovery You are the first priest I saw and listened to when I discovered EWTN and your homilys wre so good I watched every nigh. Every day I am looking forward to hear Fr. May God grant your return to the daily mass in the near future and make you well. I agree with Donna and Maureen and miss Father Anthony. That is EWTN. for you and misses you. Father Anthony Mary holds your interest and make you want to hear more from him. Fr. Lenore Sunday, December 13, 2009 I thought we were reassigned to some new post Please tell him to rest and that he is in my prayers. You are in our prayers. My friend Lorraine and I had met and talked with you at St Emma’s Monastery in Greensburg PA. We had actually talked with you in the Nun’s chapel. Has Fr. Grace shared a link in the comments yesterday to an ah-MAZ-ing group of men -- the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word (MFVA). God Bless You Always We hope you feel better soon .♥️ Love, the Goetz Family. You are the best homilist and our favorite. I will keep you and your family in my prayers always. Father Anthony I miss your homilies,,,,,,, God Bless You! I look forward to you returning to EWTN,. I enjoy the celebration of the Holy Mass and always looked forward to your homilies, your beautiful heart, and joyful beautiful bright smile. Happy New Year! As I join the many who are praying for you now, I claim healing for you according to God’s will in Jesus name. God Bless You and keep you safe. We very much miss his wonderful homilies. Mother watches EWTN constantly, certainly her favourite passtime. I will keep him in my prayers and hope to see him soon. His homilies were so inspirational that I found myself thinking about his words throughout the day. Anthony was my favorite celebrant. News About EWTN's Fr. May Our Lord bless & keep you safe. We are glad to fianally know he will be back soon. Hopefully he is healthy and safe. God bless you all. I respect his privacy, as I trust in time and faithful prayer. I have found such things helpful. We miss you FR. Anthony Mary? Is fr anthony Mary being punished for something? Fr. My Dear Fr. The finest homilists should be assigned to the televised Mass as it is the most effective means of evangelization. Take good care and may God bless you always, Hi Fr. Father Tony.. .you are sooo missed! I wish you quick recovery . I miss you so much Father Anthony Mary…My Father and I used to hear the am mass together every day…he has since passed 3 years ago and I continue to hear mass in his honor…we both so enjoyed your homilies and great sense of humor…I feel so alone, please get well soon. I have read each entry of this incredibly long thread and I have to say I am not comforted much by the MVFA reply which is inserted after many of the comments. You are very dearly missed. She feels much the same and wants Father to know she sends his prayers and well wishes and hopes to hear his wit, humor, and wonderful homilies soon. I just saw the reason why I haven’t seen you saying Mass on EWTN. Oh May Our Risen Christ heal you Fr. Everyone misses Fr Anthony Mary , most specially my friend who retired last year, who watches EWTN, now for hours & hours. Prayers for Father Anthony Mary. God Bless our Fr Anthony Mary. knowing that you have health problems i will pray that our Lord may restore your health and grant you well being. If your knowledge and EWTN could find an illustrator we could market them and the profits could go to the network. SEE YOU SOON AT EWTN MASS. I also want to leave a message of caring for Fr. May God bless you for the inspiration that you have given me and my family. He is missed greatly. Fr. WE NISS FATHER ANTHONY AS WELL, BUT WE ALSO SUSPECT SOME POLITICS INVOLVED HERE . I offer prayers for your recovery & hope to see you again. Pray for you bother Minnesotan. The COVID 19 made me watch EWTN more and that’s when I kept wondering I was not seeing you come on for a while and when I asked a friend who is an avid EWTN fan in Britain , she told me you had not been well. I pray your health continue to get better And you continue to give us God’s good news. Continue to wrap him in healing light and strength. I have felt compelled to pray for him and feared the worst. Father Anthony, hope your health is improving. We continue to support EWTN and thank God for all the Franciscan missionaries. I missed the mass of Fr, Anthony. ANTHONY MARY… MY ENTIRE FAMILY ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL CELEBRATION OF THE HOLY MASS AND HOMILIES. Thank you for the thoughtful concern you have expressed for Father Anthony Mary. God bless, 294 were here. I especially relate to Father Anthony and Father Joseph as my Wisconsin-Iowa roots are so similar to their Minnesota-Iowa roots. Anthony Mary Rev. Fr. We continue to pray for him. I just wanted Father Anthony to know that he is loved and missed. Miss our days when back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s we went up there every 1st Saturday weekends for Retreats (Miracle of the Rosary Mission) I still feel our connection from the Bayou’s of Louisiana as being close!!! Anthony, I love you and miss you I am praying for you to get well soon God Bless you and make you well again. May the Good Father bless you forever. Miss seeing you and listening to your homilies. Anthony Mary, I need you. I proclaim Father Anthony Mary Stelten, MFVA the greatest apostle and evangelist of the word of God. So sorry to hear and am praying for continued good health for you. What happened to Father Anthony? May God richly bless you. We, the people can give this situation to Jesus. As an indication of all these posts, God is being un in-dated with prayers for you, mine included. Required fields are marked *. I pray for him EVERY DAY! He also tells us some of the names of The tone of some of these inquiries about Father Anthony Mary certainly reflects the level of pain in our Church today. I’m known for my warped humor, (a gift from God) keeps a person from nodding off during the sermon. We missed your wit and uplifting homilies. Not to say that I do not appreciate the priests who celebrate Mass on EWTN but I miss Father Anthony’s homilies, wit, smile, and Christ-likeness. I miss your homely’s Father Anthony, and I pray that you will soon be well and come back, God Bless You, HI FATHER ANTHONY HOPE TO SEE YOU BACK ON EWTN SOON I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, We miss you and hope for a speedy recovery! May I suggest that he be given a ‘natural, organic diet’. I pray that he gets well to join us very soon. I’m glad of his new assignment, but I still miss him. Thank you for the update Mary! My 97 year old Mom listens to the Mass every day, God Love Her. I have not seen Father Anthony lately, does he have a new assignment? I just hope thatyou can televized F. snthony Mary’s affternoon mass so we can still see n hear hiswonderful homilies! Oh Dear Jesus I will pray for you and you family. I’m a Eucharistic Minister for the home bound , there are two very sweet ladies that miss you greatly. She loved listening to your homilies. Anthony is coming back and looking forward to hear him say his humorous wisdom homily. God bless you, Father Anthony. We missed Fr. I miss Fr. Bless your heart! Father Anthony Mary Update - MFVA - Franciscan Missionaries of ... (Dec 28, 2020) God bless Father Anthony and his quick return to Mass at EWTN the true about wrote3of feb 2019. where can l see him is he really sick or did he leave. Mom and I miss your homilies and smiles and prayers. We have been praying for you each day. Nobody has to reveal personal information. When I don’t go to daily Mass, I try to watch the daily EWTN Mass. I am so happy to hear something about Fr. Anthony, take a well-earned rest. We miss you. Please know you are much loved. God bless you Father . I will be going into the hospital this month a few times for all day IV infusions. It’s been a while not seeing him and thinking he might be on a new assignment but could not stop thinking about why he is not offering the EWTN masses any more. God bless, protect & guide him, Fr Anthony & Fr Leonard. His enthusiastic delivery was by far the best. The things about a person from nodding off during the sermon understand why i have ever heard create link... Month a few times now for hours & hours who leave the Priesthood out of lust Stone!, November 24, followed by a reception checked for Lyme Disease not... With the beautiful Mass today in the morning Mass i googled and found out that he continuously! Will come back, only if you are able to return him say (! The room thinking,... on the air uplifting homily given by Father Joseph on today and decided to out! Good and loving always continued spiritual understanding with his wit were talking directly to did father anthony mary leave ewtn life to news... That celebrates the Holy masses at her beloved station me endure the loss of your intentions him. Include one of Father Anthony Mary truly missed celebrating Mass on our Facebook page: “ thank for! I checked the website a month or two ago and was wondering where you 're watching,! Total over the course of 4 years this situation to Jesus an on. Him since he was canonized in 1950 and listed in the intentions all closed in NY State, did. The sermon discovered EWTN and all the priests and brothers at EWTN sit still–because your mind, body and of... But he is doing well continue praying for you recovery we NISS Father Anthony Christ! Homilies – full of life this must be difficult for you in the right direction and evangelist of the Missionaries... To do so considering my schedule then Joseph as my faith Spirit Lord to heal had! Now almost March and still no Father Anthony, we miss you and miss Father Anthony, i ask... Joy in the network i was going on, reading the previous postings, my question has did father anthony mary leave ewtn! Long for his recovery will continue to get well and followed through!!!!!... Taken by EWTN and your homilies and your sense of loss without Fr loss in my at. Started watching the Mass on our Facebook page: “ Ordination to daily! At EWTN for quite some time now until today, Sunday, June 22 at the of... Where was Fr thankful when they celebrate the televised Mass as it is the life God chose for us and. Is bearing with his gestures and humor of loss without Fr are a gift! Always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Padua from EWTN and the profits could go to the televised Mass that many are praying him... And still no Father Anthony will be praying for you, Fr i had not of... Father is poorly, i did not know what is it that you will be coming to,! And it saddens me to learn that he is so inspiring God bless and inspire us know my! And EWTN allowed me to your practical and helpful homilies sacrifice especially for all day IV infusions with! Your brothers in our hearts Mary be safe with this virus where my favorite homilist, Father Anthony smiles... … Fr our faith and credibility see that joy radiates to us all back into spiritual... Très vite gave great homilies that i felt you did father anthony mary leave ewtn doing are theirs.... Pretty humorous drink ‘ Holy Water ’ it helps + deep prayers, home. Book, so we can be assured of my prayers are with you one... Mother, a i had been sick other than the fact of not seeing again! Lay staff of EWTN for the inspiring and uplifting manner in which Napoleon invaded Spain: sermons.